The Aftermathematics

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfic
Furinkan High School stood amidst the towers of Tokyo, its white walls shining, but not undimmed by human tears. On the first floor were the math labs, and in these hallowed halls Saotome Ranma fought a good number of his battles. Though only 9:30 in the morning, he was dueling with the latest quiz, and it was a losing struggle. Damn, he cursed to himself, I should know this by now. What's juku for if you take all period working through a review? I bet Akane's sitting over there in the back, getting every freaking problem right. She beats me in everything! Hell, it ain't gonna be that way any longer. Here I go, shoot to kill...

The students sitting around Ranma began to worry as their peer began to growl as he worked. He hunched himself over the piece of paper - NO ONE was going to cheat off him, especially now that he stood on the brink of whipping this assignment. As the minutes ticked by, the martial artist only became more and more furious, and he started to rock back and forth in his chair. The more curious students who had finished stopped to stare at him. Ranma's hands were all but flying, and even his pencil was noticably shrinking as he progressed. His desk was shaking from the strain, and threatened to crack in two.

Finally, at 9:55, the victory was won! Ranma had triumphed over the accursed quiz, with only five minutes remaining until the end of class. He slammed down the battle-scarred paper and pencil, raised his hands in jubilation, and knocked his fragile desk to the ground. Feeling the adrenaline flow come to a halt, he then glanced around the room. They were watching. He realized that his classmates had been looking his way for quite some time. But this was no bad thing, for he had an audience now! Ranma began to pump his arms to emphasize the strength he had exerted over the brief test. He was the champion - their champion - and now Tendo Akane would be the one who would hang her head low. Academic success was his, and soon all of Furinkan High School would be at his command! After that, the country, then the world!

But the infidel who hissed, "Sit down, Ranma!" was not his teacher, but the lowly irokeganai. Soon, she will see, Ranma told himself as he settled down.

"All hail the new role model of the Japanese school system!" Ranma declared, half-looking at Akane as they headed home, "Really, Akane, I wouldn't act so humble just yet. The results are not yet in, and I think you'll be unpleasantly surprised by what you see." He walked boldly down the lamplit sidewalk, filled with hubris, and all but oblivious to his fiancee.

Feeling the darkness of the evening settle uneasily on her, Akane retorted, "Such a sudden change! And I'd thought you couldn't get through a day of school without someone chasing you down. Instead, you, the baka, have the entire freshman class following you obediently. This better be one hell of a good grade." As she marched on, she watched Ranma's face for a reaction, but none came. It seemed he was certain of his success and her failure. Well, time will tell, Ranma, she thought, After all, I finished ten minutes before you, and without disturbing anyone.

*** Twenty-four hours went down like sake, and Ranma returned to his mathematics class the next morning, feeling refreshed from his obligatory morning hot shower. He took his seat, and tensed up in anticipation for a sign of his victory. The papers were handed back one by one - an agonizingly slow process! He stole a look at Akane, stuck in her back row, but she only sat there, with the white sheet of paper in her clutches, and an equally blank-looking expression on her face. Well, surely the time was near...

Just then, the quiz was thrust into Ranma's hands, giving him a paper cut. Ignoring the wound, he stared at the paper, barely conscious of its wrinkles. Inscribed at the top was the evidence: "100 Percent!" And so, the feud with Akane was over. He had beaten her, and though he feigned calmness, he could not manage it. All Ranma wanted to see now was his fiancee falling at his knees!

They walked again, side by side, down the noisy streets. One came as a conqueror, the other was far too casual in her steps. Bothering to turn his face towards the lowly Akane, Ranma pulled out his declaration of superiority, dangled it before her eyes, and stated, "One hundred percent," which was by now obvious to her.

Akane did not flinch, but just smiled slightly. Reaching into her own bag, she unearthed her own quiz, and with it in hand reached across Ranma's aura of perfection, to shove it into his face. "The same," she mentioned.

Stopping in his tracks, Ranma looked at her grade, wrenched his head away, but then checked it again just to be sure. It was right there, mocking him - another one hundred percent. Slowly, he snapped back together. He angrily shoved his quiz back into his backpack, for it was of no use. Despite his intentions of conquest, Ranma's victory was Pyrrhic after all. "But... next time..." he sputtered, "I'll study harder, dammit!"

"I'm sure you will," Akane replied, as they drew near to the well-lit Tendo dojo.

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