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Anime Archive Links

The Anime Web Turnpike is one of the best places for any anime/manga-related search.

Anime Pit Stop is smaller than the Turnpike, but it's well-designed, and growing. Also, it gives site descriptions!

Gensao's Tenchi Muyo Fanfic Archive has established itself as an excellent place to find any fan fiction related to the "Tenchi" multiverse.

For a Ranma 1/2 fanfic archive with style, try out Kendai's Ranma 1/2 Page. It's well-designed, and with more updates than before.

The RAAC Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Archive is just what it sounds like: a text-based archive of "Ranma" universe-related fan fiction.

I've taken *way* too long to get this link up... The vast majority of Sailor Moon-related fanfic - and most of the good ones - are available at A 'Sailor Moon' Romance.

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Anime Review Links

The Amazoness Quartet's "Worst Sailor Moon Pages Ever" is still the leader in terms of Sailormoon webpage criticism. The only downside to it: banners.

Shinji's Vault of Anime MiSTings is still around. The material here ranges from hyserical takes on horrid fanfics to... some mediocre ones (mine included).

"The Anime Cafe" features regular reviews and commentary on a variety of titles.

This one just about describes itself: Brazil's Tenchi Muyo Fanfiction Reviews. Cleanly designed and frequently updated, this page serves its purpose very well.

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Other Anime Links

Same person, different idea... Gensao's Tenchi Muyo Home Page is a general fan site dedicated to the series. It's one of the best "general fan sites" that I've seen for any series.

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Other Links

This one's pretty diverse... Fanfiction Paradise is a well- designed, well-written site... and it's often very funny.

The Paradox Headquarters is one- of-a-kind. Here you'll find humor that makes mine look rather normal, truly wacky fanfics, cool fanart, and a lot of very cool works-in-progress.

For something completely different, don't miss The Useless Pages, which shows the lengths to which some Netheads will go.

Where did I get those non-series-specific graphics? Go to Bells and Whistles yourself.

There's two sites out there which have helped me with HTML and Web design. Check out both Tips - Tricks and HTML Goodies if you have the time.


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