The Price of Redemption, Part 1

Forgotten Past

This fanfic was created by Brandon Scarbel at

This story takes place following the last new episode of Pokemon Aired however as soon as they start airing knew episodes this won't fit with them the story revolves around Meowth.

I did not create these characters nor do I own them they belong to Gamefreak, Nintendo , 4kids productions and anyone I don't know about. Also I am not making any money about this So please don't sue.

Pokemon: Forgotten Past Part 1 of 5 of a five part story called The Price of Redemption

Team Rocket climbed out of the river that they had landed in Meowth said "You two are idiots how could you let Pikachu escape again." "Our fault your the one who let them escape Meowth" Jessie and James said in unison Jessie continued "You don't even battle no wonder the boss replaced you" Meowth angry and hurt charged her and scratched her face. Jessie screamed "how dare you ruin perfection" she knocked him head first over a small cliff.

When they got to him he was out cold after they revived him he would just only say his name to them. "Oh no" James shrieked "Meowth has lost his memory" Meowth startled ran off "Bring him back here Arbok" Jessie said as she released the pokeball "We can't let him blab our secrets to the cops" "But Jessie he lost his memories" "I know you idiot but what if he got them back and told the cops our secrets we would go to jail" "No were to good looking to go to jail" James cried "Wheezing go help Arbok." Which did not appear necessary as Arbok sent Meowth flying into the nearby river as he climbed out he started glowing "he's evolving" Jessie and James said in unison. Meowth now a persian charged toward the recently released wheezing and knocked him into arbok they both sailed into a rock as Persian ran off into the woods and right into the path of Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu.

Ash said "Wow a persian" "It's so cute I want it" Misty said "hey I saw it first" yelled Ash "besides cats hate water and that is your speacailty "fine catch it if you can" Misty shot back "Pikachu Thunder shock" "Pikach!!!" the lightning bolt hit Persian and he fainted "Go pokeball" just before the ball made contack Persian awoke and batted it away then laying down began to make very sad meow type noised Pikachu walked over and began talking with the persian after a while Pikachu walked over and thus began another game of sharades finally Ash said "It will come with us but only if it doesn't have to ride in that stupid ball" pikachu nodded "well okay lets go" "So Meowth lost his memory evolved into a persian and is now with the kids you keep failing against" Giovanni said "no matter I am assigning you to a knew mission" "but boss what about Pikachu" "I am sending Belle to finish what you started now here is your new mission" a fax came over the line Giovanni cut the link. "Belle" James said Dreamily "That Tramp she gets all the glory"

to be continued in Pokemon: Prepare for trouble! Here comes Belle.

Authors Notes

This story is the result of a crazy Idea that won't get out of my head what if Meowth joined up with Ash and the others the problem was how My original plan was for him to be kicked of Team Rocket but I realised Ash and the others wouldn't trust meowth then it hit me have him lose his memory and get caught by Ash but why would they catch him simple he evolves before they see him this is my first peice of Pokemon fanfiction I have done other fanfics but they weren't in my opinon as good as this please send me feed back at

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