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Who's This Loser?

Well, since so many other Web egomaniacs give their full and complete autobiographies, I thought I should make mine short. I'm John Alan Riggs. I used to go by the alias "Merejez." It came from a character in "The ElfQuiz Parody" (though he appears in the Big, Big WoTM spamfic), but I don't terribly like that name any more. I'm male, 19 years old, and I'm a sophomore at Concordia University River Forest. Though I have no intention of showing any photos of myself, I have messy brown hair and blue eyes hidden behind thick glasses. Just a typical Net gonzo, really... Actually, I should make it clear that I'm a Christian. I'm usually quiet about it, as you can tell...

As for me and Elfquest, well, it was the first "real" comic I ever read (besides the newspaper stuff). My best friend in high school got it for me from his library, and I got addicted in the car ride back home. Since then, I have introduced others to Elfquest. I have some unusual opinions about the series, and I'll occasionally mention them. For example, I was initially unimpressed by Elfquest Book 8 because it didn't have any good death scenes. The first Hidden Years compilation also didn't come off too well in my sight.

How did I become an anime fan? Well, the first manga I ever read was What's Michael?, which still confuses the hell out of me. The first anime that I ever watched was Ranma 1/2, and after that came The Slayers, and several other series that I don't recall right now... Oh, and I got my I.N.T.O. alias from Otaku no Video - the only subtitled anime title which I actually like. And, for the record, I have seen the Sailormoon videos fansubbed, but I didn't think much of them.

Thanks for listening. Have a good day!

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