Updates Archive 3

January 10 - February 7, 1999

February 7, 1999: Some changes have been made to the INTO page. I've cut out my (pathetic) plea for fanfic submissions, and updated my notices.

On the Addiction page, I've posted .txt installments of 'Quiz TAL 1. It's nothing special or new, but I think some people might prefer to see it this way. I'll be doing the same thing for my other works in the near future.

So, when will the new material come? T.S. chapter 6 is now under construction, and I promise to finish it by February 14, 1999. In that time, I've got several school projects to finish. Wish me luck.

February 3, 1999: Hey, it's done! See my self-MST of Daughters Part 2 Chapter 1 when you get a chance.

More stuff later, once I get organized. I promise to get *working* on TS 6 as soon as possible.

February 2, 1999: Well, February has arrived. That means it's time for Daughters Part Two! I've finally got it with me, and so the torture will begin soon. Expect to see the first chapter MSTed in a day or so.

I want to finish TS chapter 6 before I move on to any other anime-related fanfics. It'll probably be a week or so before I can bring the chapter to completion. More bulletins as they come.

January 26, 1999: A big apology...

The "Mystery Cub Survey," after sitting on the Addiction page for several months, is now history. My mail server has deleted all but one file, and there's no way that I'll get those entries back. I wish I could, but it's too late now.

If I decide to continue 'Quiz after TAL 4, I might bring back the survey, and post it to Equest-L. Then again, since I've mapped out a lot of the series' continuity, I might end up using my own character ideas.

Again, I'm sorry.

January 24, 1999: I put in a few hours, and now it's done. Witness 'Quiz TAL 4 Ch. 1 in its full .txt glory! The punctuation symbols are a little different from the other episodes, but you shouldn't have much trouble getting used to it. This way, it's identical to the episode I sent to the EQ Fanfic ML (except for a miniscule gripe about Xoommail's .sig).

What's next? I want to get my next Pokemon fanfic done, but this one might take a while... I don't know *how* I'm going to tell the story. I'm also working on a canonical Sailor Moon story and the next chapter of Transformation Sequence. In the MSTing department, I'll *definitely* be getting back to work on Daughters Part Two next week. To add to my woes, I'm considering the options for a Tenchi Muyo fanfic.

In summary, I'll let you know if something pops up. Sorry...

January 21, 1999: Good news - my side project is done. I'll be going to work on the next installment of 'Quiz in the days to come. It will be done by January 24. Until then, I've made a couple minor changes to the links.

January 17, 1999: Yes, it's *done*. Please read Transformation Sequence chapter 5 if you get a chance. You'll also notice that I did a little work on the INTO page, in terms of looks and updating the notices. There's also a new updates archive.

My next project will be an attempt at retooling a story for my school's literary journal. But when that's completed, OR if it falls through, you can expect to see the first chapter of 'Quiz TAL 4 in a week. I promise!

Still trying to remember that it's *1999* now...

January 16, 1999: Believe me, I'm working hard to finish T.S. chapter 5. But just today I got two more story ideas...

One thing I need to do is create a short story for my school's literary journal - *right after* I finish the chapter. But there's also this story I came up with a couple years ago and never finished... and now I've got an interesting way of getting back to it. More news if I actually get the story going. Finally, I've always wanted to create a good lemon (adult story). By that, I mean one which also has real plot, real motivation, angst, and even humor. Right now, I'm not sure what I'd want to base such a story on. But if I get a feasible idea, you'll hear about it!

January 14, 1999: Good news! T.S. chapter 5 is getting closer to completion. It now has a title - On Whom We Can Depend.

Now that I'm consigning myself to time schedules, I might as well do the same for all my projects. The first chapter of 'Quiz TAL 4 shall therefore be posted by January 24th, 1999. Other stuff will follow in time.

January 10, 1999: Oh man... vacation is over. Classes begin tomorrow, and I don't know where they will be held. It's cold, I don't feel well, flamers/lamers have been bothering me, and I need a calling card.

So what's *good*? Well, I've definitely kept up with my writing. T.S. chapter 5 is going along well - though not along the path I expected it to go. I promise to complete this one in a week! Yes, you heard me--the new chapter will be posted on or before January 17th, 1999.

What about my endless MSTing? Well... I don't have Daughters Part 2 *with* me... Believe me, I'll be MSTing this one, but I don't know if I have a copy with me. The latest you'll see it would be about three weeks. I hope I do have a copy, so I can get this one off the ground.

However, I do have TAL 4 with me. For better or worse, I'll start posting this in the next two weeks. Just so you know: I want this part of 'Quiz to be actually funny. That's a tough order... but I'll work hard at it. And just so you're warned, I'm strongly considering ending 'Quiz with TAL 4. It ain't worth continuing.

Oh yeah, then there's that "sequel" to Catching On that I thought up. My working title is Standing By, and it's going to be much more experimental than its predecessor. Furthermore, this one will be a complete story.

Until next time, I'll be busy. Thanks.

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