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May 16, 2000: Well, you waited. Now I have something to show for it.

As mentioned on the index page, the MSTing of Transformation Sequence continues. Here it is: chapter 2.

While I'm talking about Nega-Hell, I don't think Transformation Sequence will be the feature fic in number 19. The fic can be disturbingly amusing, but it's rather dull. Still, I have to get at least to chapter 4. That's where it goes from pathetic to disturbing. I will eventually MST the whole six chapters... just wait a bit!

So how's my return to the fanfic community going? A little shaky. I'm trying to create a second episode for "A Moment of Kindness," and it's slow going. I'll definitely take the time for this story to become *good*.

What's next? More of "The Cry for Help." The story is only five chapters, but it's definitely worthwhile. I enjoyed the story for its camp value alone. Read it on fanfiction.net!

Until next time...


April 28, 2000: Finally, good times are back.

I have several obligations in the next few days. However, I *will* have more free time! I'll be able to do all the updates that I've put off. Not only that, I'll have online access for most of the summer. So you will still see regular updates!

The newest Nega-Hell episode is called The Cry for Help. It's a crossover of Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing. Yes, it's as goofy as it sounds. But the story is still a lot of fun... unlike most of mine.

See it in two parts: one and two.

What's next? There's five more chapters of Transformation Sequence, and three more parts of Cry for Help. Beyond that, if I find any more MSTing material, I'll let you know.

As for actual fanfics, I'm planning to post one in the next week or so. It'll be an even goofier crossover: Gundam Wing and Sailormoon. I assure you one thing--it will be quite different from Cry for Help. The working title is "A Week of Kindness." You'll see the first two episodes on this very site! I *promise*.


April 14, 2000: What was I saying before?

Sorry about all the delays. These are busy times, and my general laziness isn't helping.

In any event... there's a new Nega-Hell episode: Transformation Sequence chapter 1. Enjoy!

What's next? There'll be at least five more chapters of Transformation Sequence. With the recent release of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network, there's a veritable explosion of fanfics based on the series. I've claimed dibs on one egregious example of badness: The Cry for Help. It's a crossover with Dragonball Z... and it isn't a parody. Hopefully, I'll have the first two chapters covered in two weeks.

Thanks for putting up with me.


March 26, 2000: Well, finally! Sorry... I've been busy with a number of projects. (For those who were curious, I will *eventually* update The Addiction, my Elfquest page.)

In any event, Continuations chapter 5 is finally done. My next move is to decide what'll be next for the Nega-Hell crew. I'll tell you in a few days.


March 13, 2000: In case you didn't know, there's now a complete version of Continuations chapter four.

I've modified the Sailormoon and Serious pages. The long-forgotten series Transformation Sequence--easily the worst thing I've ever created--is now available. It's BAD.

The fifth chapter of Continuations will be available in one or two weeks. It's the last one thus far, but it's quite amusing. Thanks for waiting.


February 22, 2000: Just checking in again. I've been busy as usual. Today, there's a new Nega-Hell offering: a double feature. It's the third chapter of Continuations, plus the classic short Return of Malachite and Zoycite. Enjoy!

Don't worry about my promise on the Nega-Hell page. I'll have number 13 done by March 4th... almost on schedule! --

February 11, 2000: It's been a long two weeks...

Nega-Hell 11: Continuations. The first and second chapters. Enjoy!

So... what's next? I dunno. Nega-Hell 13 will be done by the end of the month. Other than that, I still don't have any fanfics done. Sorry.

Looking for MSTing material? I've got the fanfics listed in the last update. They're bad, but they're fun! Email me if you care for them. (Naturally, I might take them for myself. Time will tell.)


January 26, 2000: First off, there's a new episode on the Nega- Hell page: number 10.1, A Day in Lita's Life. Enjoy it! There will be more soon.

There's still a chance for updates on Fanfic Outlet. First, I have several fics which have been "buried." That is, they were so bad, I chose to forget about them. That would include several Sailormoon spamfics and the half- finished NASM series Transformation Sequence. I can't imagine anyone wanting to read these... unless you're into self-punishment...

Second, I have several new fic ideas. None, however, have been finished. If--and only if--I finish them, you'll see the work published here. However, don't hold your breath.

Until the next update...


January 14, 2000: Well, at least I made a decision...

Unless I have a sudden change of heart, Fanfic Outlet is now closed. Don't worry... the archive is still there. However, until I can produce a fanfic worth talking about, it will stay closed.

So... what will replace it? Because I have an e-mail at Xoom, I'm going to try to build a site there. If I can't create coherent HTML there, I'll find a new server. In any event... I want to create an anime humor/spoof site. If you've seen Elfquest: The Addiction, it'll be something like that. My title, for the time being, is "Notes from the Omake Theater." Watch for updates there in the next few days.

Nega-Hell will certainly not disappear! I'll continue to work on that project for at least a few more months. This continuity isn't popular yet... but if I promote it enough, it could gain a few fans! That said, watch for it to continue on a 2/3 week basis.

That said, I appreciate your feedback and criticism. Send it all to ChrOtaku@xoommail.com. Until the next Nega-Hell update... thank you!


January 10, 2000: Good news. The site won't disappear. That much is clear.

On the other hand, Fanfic Outlet will soon change. My writings have ranged from mediocre to pitiful, and I haven't been able to write anything better over the last few weeks. That said, what will happen? I'm not sure yet. When I decide, you'll hear all about it.

New Nega-Hell offering in the next week or so: New Slayers chapter 2! Yes! I love this series!


December 15, 1999: Last update of the year. See the Nega-Hell holiday special.

Next year, I hope to have a decent fanfic offering. I don't want this site to close for good!

December 12, 1999: Yes, it's done. Witness Nega-Hell 7: New Slayers, parts one and two.

Why haven't I posted anything else lately? Mostly because of frustration. I've earned a reputation as a mediocre writer. Even when I post something on time, no-one notices. Thus I'm trying to think of ways to improve my image.

It could be two days before my next posting, or it might be the second week of January. I don't know.

December 10, 1999: I've been procrastinating again... Well, you will see the next installment of Nega-Hell by Sunday night.

Speaking of which... feel free to visit the new Nega-Hell page.

Until next time...

November 30, 1999: Hey, I got something done! Read my self-MST of The Charm.

The Site FAQ and Image-Free Links were updated. The banner-ridden links page, however, was deleted.

I'm still figuring out how to write in a serious manner. More news on the way soon.

November 28, 1999: Well, I'm back. It's time for a few apologies, and a few promises. I'll do my best to fulfill them--but the next three weeks will be busy.

First: Nega-Hell #6 will be "The Charm." Yes, you might even remember that story. The generals will go to eleven on the WAFF scale and back! I plan to have this finished by Friday.

Second: the Tenchi fic is *still* in the planning stages. I've definitely procrastinated too much on this one, especially when I want to make it into a series! Well, barring further frustration, you WILL see this story. More announcements when I get down to non-school-related work.

November 14, 1999: Last time, I said that I would get my rear in gear. It took several days... but the next part of Nega-Hell is done! I've MSTed the first chapter of "Masks and Dragons." It's a Japanese-version Sailor Moon story, featuring a number of new characters. You can see my take on it in part 1 and part 2.

The Tenchi series, now titled "Still Proud of My Family: Preludes," will have its third installment posted by Friday (Nov. 19) evening. This one's been tough to write, but I *will* finish it!

November 10, 1999: Aaaagh! I've got three projects in the works, and barely enough time to finish even one. So, before I panic, let me make a promise...

I'll be on break from November 20 through December 1st. *Before* that happens, I want to finish at least a few of my current writings. Yes, you will see the next Nega-Hell installment. Yes, you will see the continuation of my much-delayed Tenchi series. It will happen! I *will* get off my butt and write!

November 3, 1999: It's been almost a month since my last regular fic. For the few who follow my regular writings, there will be some changes in the future. Let me state them in a moment...

For now, there's a new Nega-Hell installment. The generals' fourth fic is called "Shiroi Hime." It's a mega-crossover, involving at least four series. Check out both the first part and the second part!

...As I was saying, a few series will not be posted. Since I don't anticipate anyone bothering to read it, I don't plan to post any more installments of SM-Grail or the revised Transformation Sequence. They might appear in future MSTings, or somewhere down the road... but not in the next two months.

A couple fics are still up for grabs. "Thunder and Lightning," my second Pokemon fic, will be postponed for the time being. I *really* want to write this, but I've got too many commitments. "The Charm," which was read by one or possibly two people, will be concluded in the second chapter. There aren't enough story possibilities for this one.

In better news, I will *definitely* continue my Tenchi series. In one or two weeks, you shall see the next chapter. That one will focus exclusively on the title character. From there on, I plan to make a number of changes to the continuity... but that's a way down the road. Oh, and the series finally has a name. The series title will be "Still Proud of My Family."

In Nega-Hell news, I'm considering taking a break from "Shiroi Hime." It's not a *bad* story, but the formatting is terrible. When I decide, you'll hear all about it.

Finally, a new update archive has been created. Until next time... more new stuff in 7 to 10 days!


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