Old Updates Volume 1

November 20, 1998: Yeah, if you didn't know already, there won't be any more updates until at least November 30, 1998. Please don't pester me about it - - when I get back, I'll get to working on the new projects.

November 17, 1998: I got down to business and finished it! Daughters of Strongbow Chapter 7 is done. Next: more of Transformation Sequence. After Thanksgiving, I'm planning finish the first part of Daughters, and get going on TAL 4.

November 16, 1998: Still working on Daughters chapter 7. Life is hard. Much to do. Bye.

November 13, 1998: Good news all around... I'm at work at the next installment of Daughters, and I've just started chapter four of T.S. I hope to finish Daughters chapter seven on Saturday!

November 11, 1998: We're now in the aftermath of all the goofy stuff that happened yesterday. Catching On is finally fixed and done. Never again will I use WordPerfect to write HTML!

When I get some more free time, I'll get going on Daughters chapter 7. Promise.

November 10, 1998: A thunderstorm got in the way. Notepad crashed. A pirate ship almost appeared on the horizon. But T.S. chapter 3 is DONE! I'll get it in HTML form if I have a chance... but not right now. Also, Catching On is done... but the HTML got really screwed up. I'll retype it tomorrow. Oh, and the next project will be chapter 7 of Daughters. It's the climax of the Part One story arc, and Mike and the Bots will have lots of fun with this stinker.

November 8, 1998: It was a good weekend... only I came back to school to face a big, important take-home test. It's getting late, and I've just finished my work. Sorry to make you wait, but I gotta wait until I'm at least halfway awake to post the stories. At least one *will* be done tomorrow. This time, there's nothing more that can get in the way!

November 6, 1998: Yes, the two stories are almost ready. However, I have just enough time now to tell you that... well... I don't have enough time. But you WILL see them on Sunday, or Monday at the latest.

November 5, 1998: Guess what... I'm *almost done* with my two works-in-progress! I want to get T.S. chapter 3 posted first, since I've made people wait for... almost a month for it. Well, I'll get back to finishing it up.

November 3, 1998: Like I promised, there's more links today. Check all four of them out if you get a chance. In between my current panic attacks over a science project, I'm still working on the new material. Thanks for waiting!

November 2, 1998: Much wackiness abounds as I spruce up this site for the visitors from The Anime Web Turnpike... You'll see a few more graphics, an updated autobiography page: Who's This Loser?, and hopefully more links. Oh, and I will resume writing soon - as soon as I get some heavy-duty assignments done. Once I've cleared up some problems with the EQ Fanfic Mailing List, I'll get to work on the next chapter of Daughters. Also, Catching On is starting to look like a half-decent fanfic. Finally, I've closed my account at Fortunecity. If you linked to my page there, please update it.

November 1, 1998: Rabbit rabbit rabbit! I'm just now discovering how to use JPG-generating graphics programs. It'll be a while before I'll create an impressive-looking graphic... but my new banner in Link to Me? is a little better than the old one. My "Pokemon" fic is making some progress... I'm also trying to update my e-mail address all over this site. Remember: ChrOtaku@xoommail.com!

October 30, 1998: My e-mail server has broken down. If you wish to contact me, please send it to ChrOtaku@xoommail.com.

In other news, nothing's changed. I hate to say this, but I'm putting T.S. chapter 3 on hiatus. I've got to keep moving, keep writing new things. I *will* get back to it, and it WILL be completed. Right now, though, I'd rather do my homework in advance. Thanks again for your patience. Flame me if you want, but I've gotten to the end of my rope with this story.

October 28, 1998: What have I been up to lately? Not much... I've been putting together some ideas for a "Pokemon" fanfic (working title: Catching On), but what I really should be doing is T.S. chapter 3. It's coming along slowly, and even when I finish it, I'll probably still be disappointed with its quality. I dunno... I want to get it done, but I've not been feeling up to the task. Please give me some time. I don't want to postpone this too much longer, but time will tell...

October 24, 1998: I *finished* TAL 3: Chapter 5! By putting my mind to it, it only took two days. Oh, and don't miss the conclusion... it's the original, unedited plot outline from when I first thought up this thing. I can't guarantee that I can do the same magic with T.S., but that *will* by my next writing project. You will see chapter 3 soon! (While trying to create a new update archive, I accidentally deleted the old updates. Sorry...)

October 23, 1998: Since T.S. has stalled my progress on my other series, I think I might as well get the next installment of 'Quiz out of the way. Once again, I'm very sorry about the lack of new material. ...However, I just rented a subtitled version of Urusei Yatsura. It's a *lot* sillier than Viz's version of the manga, and a lot less easier to understand. (For the record, the only subtitled anime titles that I've ever enjoyed were The Slayers and Otaku no Video.)

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