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May 6, 1999: The main Fanfic Outlet had an awkward, non-intuitive page layout. Therefore, I redesigned it, making it... probably more awkward. However, I've added in-line links on the top of the page, which should help people to understand it *without* scrolling through the whole thing. Oh, and I added a new update archive to make *this* page more easily read.

More news and updates in about a week. Don't say I didn't warn you!

May 3, 1999: Hey, I've got something new! It's my first anime MSTing in about six months. The fanfic in question is an odd little Ranma 1/2 work called Spells R Us: Japanese Chronicles. It's not all that bad, but rather fun to tackle. So, if you will, witness Chapter 1: Candy Candy. Back to top

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