The Serious Stories

--Alphabetical Listing--

Aftermathematics, The * A Ranma story. * Short (6 K). * Some WAFF.

Catching On * A Pokemon story. * Short (5 K). A lot of WAFF.

The Charm * Chapter 1 * A "Sailor Moon" NA- version story. * Cancelled. * Light romance and humor. * Now a MST!

Fair Night's Longing * A "Tenchi Muyo!" OAV story. * Short (7 K). * 2nd in a series. Follows "Why Bother." * Introspection.

Transformation Sequence: chapter one, two, three, four, five, and six. * An unfinished series. * Worst fanfic I've ever posted. * NASM "story."

Why Bother? A "Tenchi Muyo!" OAV story. * Short (14 K). 1st in a series. * Some WAFF and introspection.

Year of the Rabbit * A "Sailor Moon" original-version story. * Short (21 K). * Dark, introspection. * Unusual format.

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