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The first fanfic for this site was The Aftermathematics, a brief, lightly humorous Ranma 1/2 piece. Yes, it's somewhat pathetic, but it's something, and it's complete.

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The "Sailormoon" Pie Spamfic Series

If you want to explore the inner regions of my insanity, start with Sailormoon Pie. Yes, it makes fun of the original series - I meant it that way.

Next is Sailormoon Pie-in-the-Sky. It's similar to the previous spamfic... but only in that it's silly.

Most recently, I've added S-Pies, which takes a rather odd perspective on the S series. There will be more where this came from...

You can witness the horror of Raye - Age 14 - Otaku. Yes, that's the title. And boy, is it ever a spamfic!

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with Cats from 'Sailormoon'


"Attack of the Full-Moon Fiend" is a short fanfic series by Wesley Reece. It also served as my first anime MSTing. It's sort of a self- insertion, and mostly original flavor, but it has a little anti-fic flavor too. Witness my deconstruction of it, if you will...

Attack: Chapter 1
Attack: Chapter 2
Attack: Chapter 3

This one is a lemon, so I am making it available solely through e-mail.

Spells R Us: Japanese Chronicles

Here's an odd little Ranma 1/2 fanfic, created by someone named Gregg. It's not half-bad, but it has several... odd moments. In any event, though, this is a much better MSTing than Full-Moon Fiend.

Chapter 1: Candy Candy

Though We Tremble in the Night (NASM)
The First "Nega-Hell" MSTing

"Though We Tremble" is just a sad little North American Sailor Moon fic. I wrote this back in the spring of 1998--fortunately, no one saw it in the original form. For the MSTing, though, there's an all-new format... involving the four generals, Hell, and Nephlite's vast knowledge of anime trivia!

Chapter 1: The Day Has Already Arrived
Chapter 2: The Confusion That Hurts Us (conclusion)

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The Search for Kotori (X/Pokemon crossover)
"Nega-Hell" MSTing Number 2

The generals survived "Though We Tremble." However, Zoisite made the mistake of burning Malachite's Miyazaki films (y'know, Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoru, blah blah blah). Now, her lover plans to get revenge!

Oh yeah... there's an odd little story here, too... "Search for Kotori" takes the manga series X (alias X/1999), the North American Pokemon series, and blends them together into something... something odd. Sorry about using the same words over and over--the story is confusing.

Chapter 1 (untitled)
Chapter 2 -- coming soon!

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I've been working on a series here... and I believe I will finish it. If not, you can flame me. It's called "Transformation Sequence," and it's an angsty alternaverse fanfic based on Sailor Moon. Yes, I'm getting a bit tired of things based on this anime, but I want to get this fanfic out of my system.

Transformation Sequence (Chapters Completed Thus Far)
Chapter 1: The Whiner
Chapter 2: For One Brief Moment
Chapter 3: The Genius
Chapter 4: The Outcast
Chapter 5: On Whom We Can Depend
Chapter 6: Axe to the Poison Tree

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Here's my entry into "Pokemon" fanfic. It's called Catching On.


I've also created some vaguely "Sailor Moon"-based poems...

Year of the Rabbit is my first serious BSSM fanfic. Technically, it takes place after the Stars season, but that's negligible. Hope you enjoy this little experiment.

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*Sailormoon and the Holy Grail*

Prologue, Scene 1
Scenes 2-3
Scenes 4-5

*Sailormoon and the Holy Grail Q* (Season 2)

Scenes 0-2

This spamfic series is everything that the title suggests. Both the first and second season (now underway) are inane, plotless bits of throwaway script. For the people who like this sort of fic, this is the sort of fic these people will like.

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New for Fall 1999... Tenchi OAV fics!

The first one-shot is called Why Bother? Set just after episode 6, it's a rare one for me... filled mostly with calm interaction.

Following that is Fair Night's Longing. More introspection, intelligence... you know... unusual stuff. Just read it, OK?


New fic! A Fushigi Yuugi/Mysterious Play one-shot. Title: Live This Mystery! It's... odd.


As of April 30, 1999, I'm still not feeling optimistic about my several unfinished Ranma 1/2 'fics. The one I mentioned some months ago (a "new character" fanfic called Chicken Soup) is pretty cliche, and the others aren't worth mentioning. Until I run out of material, they probably won't appear.

Transformation Sequence is still my ongoing project, and I *will* finish this thing in twelve chapters. But for now, I want to concentrate on newer, fresher material.

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