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If you're looking for unedited anime fanfics, genuine Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, or information on Sailor Moon, you've come to the wrong place. However... if you can handle a combination of the three--this is it!

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The List

Nega-Hell 1.1 -- Though We Tremble in the Night, chapter 1. A strange little story that attempts to rewrite the events after Tuxedo Mask's death/kidnapping. My first SM fanfic, and still typical of what I write to this day.

In the treatment... Jadeite is reborn--for the thousandth time or so. Watch Nephlite reveal a small part of his store of fanboy knowledge. To cap it all off, there's a crossover/fusion skit which defies description.

Nega-Hell 1.2 -- Though We Tremble in the Night, chapter 2. The story continues... and suddenly stops.

In the treatment... Witness Zoisite become an anime fan -- and cause destruction at the same time. See Beryl attempt to make a joke! To remedy a painful situation, a Ranma/Slayers skit is performed.

Nega-Hell 2.1 -- Search for Kotori, chapter 1. You know how Megane 6.7 was famous for his treatment of the Oscar series? Well, this is my first claim to fame. "Search for Kotori" is the weirdest crossover I've ever seen... X (X/1999) and Pokemon! The story, strangely enough, is fun and amusing all the same.

In the treatment... Malachite subjects his love to an unspeakable torture. Fuma is quoted. Despite Zoisite's wishes, Mokona fails to show up. Finally, a theory is presented on the Sailor Moon movies.

Nega-Hell 2.2 -- Search for Kotori, chapter 2. It continues. Nothing happens, but it's still better than most stories.

In the treatment... Fushigi Yuugi is discussed. The door sequence is finished. And most importantly, "issues" are brought up. This will be important in future installments.

Nega-Hell 2.3 -- Search for Kotori, chapter 3. The series ends with Team Rocket making their usual exit. Pikachu upstages all the humans. Pretty typical stuff...

In the treatment... For several long paragraphs, the fanfic is ignored-- in favor of a rambling discussion on "Cardcaptor." Many witty quotes are made! Finally, Beryl shows the audience why even her computer is evil. Not one of my best episodes, unfortunately...

Nega-Hell 3.1 -- Party Crazied, first half. Your typical Slayers fic. An old favorite is resurrected, Xellos makes some less-than-specific evil plans, and Amelia fights with Phil. It's not bad for a first story.

In the treatment... See Search for Kotori crossed-over with a B-movie. Watch Malachite drool over Naga. GASP as Zoisite roots for Lina! IT'S DRAMATIC!

Nega-Hell 3.2 -- Party Crazied, second half. The fic continues, but doesn't end. A commercial break occurs, but nothing becomes of it. To top it off, a cameo is threatened.

In the treatment... The end of the world comes. Nephlite enters Deep Glower mode. Beryl makes a phone call. Basically, an evil day is had by all.

Nega-Hell 4.1 -- Shiroi Hime chapter 1, first half. One of the strangest fanfics I've ever seen. It's a mega- crossover, but even the parts featuring individual series don't make sense. A knowledge of Yu Yu Hakusho helps.

In the treatment... Beryl *receives* a phone call. Zoisite learns the truth about one of her favorite characters. Shakespeare is quoted. And due to a witty remark, Nephlite passes out.

Nega-Hell 4.2 -- Shiroi Hime chapter 1, second half. I give up. If you can make any sense of this, e-mail me at...

In the treatment... In the time-honored fashion of Belldandy and Ai, a character arrives by television set. Unfortunately, the person is Nuriko. Learn the truth about Villains Unlimited. Find out what happens to people stuck in a manga anthology. Watch YUUSUKE make plans for his MARRIAGE!! (It's important.)

Nega-Hell 5.1 -- Masks and Dragons chapter 1, first part. A new student arrives at Usagi's school. (What would Mitsuru Adachi say?) He does a lot of boasting, and begins a relationship with Makoto. Fortunately, the series doesn't go where you'd expect--and that's why I stopped at chapter one.

In the treatment... We learn *way* too much about Xellos. We also learn who Beryl likes. Zoisite earns a new honorific. The generals are commanded to "stop!"

Nega-Hell 5.2 -- Masks and Dragons chapter 1, second part. A villain called Jade shows up, as does a hero called Mask. More of the same, really.

In the treatment... Nuriko leaves, but not without causing a scene. Jadeite thinks up a better name for a new character. Malachite makes an uncharacteristically bad joke. And I made an embarrassing spelling error. See if you can spot it!

Nega-Hell 6.1 -- The Charm. A relationship- oriented SM story that does nothing and goes nowhere. Lots of vague descriptions abound here. Oh, and don't forget the gratuitous "anime in-joke" scene. It's the second fic I've self-MSTed, and it won't be the last.

In the treatment... Zoisite performs an absurd, stupid Dragonball anti-fic skit. Malachite remembers to complete his holiday shopping. Nephlite breaks down completely, but the other generals find a way to help him recover.

Nega-Hell 7.1 -- New Slayers, chapter one. Food is consumed en masse. Amelia finds an old friend (actually a self-insert, but you wouldn't know it). There's a lot of running around, and a lot of pointless dialogue. Nothing happens, but that might be a good thing.

In the treatment... A card game is played. Lina is given a cunning alias. The Kid from the Future arrives. The generals look for alcohol, but come up empty. However, they find something equally potent!

Nega-Hell 7.2 -- New Slayers, chapter one, part two. Gensuke (our surprisingly good self-insert) writes a poem, has an ominous dream, attempts to do something very stupid, and has breakfast. The other characters get parts, too.

In the treatment... The generals slowly recover from their binge. We find out just how stupid Gensuke is. The Inquisition appears, does a skit, and leaves promptly. Finally, the generals decide to go to... the Nega-Mall.

Nega-Hell 8.1 -- The Holiday Special. Features a strange little poem called "How Ganon Stole Christmas." It's strange. Really strange.

In the treatment... The generals admire the Nega-Mall. They see an art film. Nephlite finally cancels his Tokyo Pop subscription. Oh... and... Control! Jadeite learns control!

Nega-Hell 9.1 -- New Slayers, chapter two. Starring Gensuke Farseer as Ataru Moroboshi. Introduces Kage as the unintentionally comical, badly-dubbed ninja!

In the treatment... New Year's Eve is celebrated, but Zoisite isn't feeling well. Nephlite makes a prediction that turns out, much to his surprise, to be true. Finally, Jadeite hatches a Devious Plan.

Nega-Hell 10.1 -- A Day in Lita's Life. The title says it all. It's a Jupiter fanfic. There's an exposition scene, a fight scene, and some other stuff. The elusive Ken appears, but doesn't do anything. The story isn't anything unusual, but it's short and non-offensive.

In the treatment... Beryl has an unexpected guest. Mina's secrets are exposed. Much screaming occurs. Sentence fragments are used. Finally, Zoisite has another ominous dream...

Nega-Hell 11.1 -- Continuations of the Shijintenchisho CHAOS, part 1. Take the Fushigi Yuugi world, add one rather powerful self-insertion character, one whiny-yet-likable character, and... well, this is what you get. The fanfic has a lot of humor and style, but as for its main character... well...

In the treatment... Beryl requests a guest star from Villains Unlimited. She doesn't get what she expects! The generals fail to discuss their ominous premonitions, and instead have a lot of fun.

Nega-Hell 11.2 -- Continuations of the Shijintenchisho CHAOS, part 2. What more can I say? Akira the Awesome Super-Saiyajin and her unwitting victim Yamiko have fun at Mt. Leikaku. A lot of bandits get fried, and a lot of spells get used. The only thing that could make this a _complete_ crossover would be Xellos.

In the treatment... Sailorneptune (Michiru) arrives, and causes a little trouble. She's not very helpful... The generals ask a lot of questions, but receive no answers. Finally, Beryl makes a decision. To find out exactly what, you'll have to wait!

Nega-Hell 12.1 -- Continuations of the Shijintenchisho CHAOS, part 3. A long fight scene. A lot of swearing. And a new character--Nekomi--who may or may not be half-cat. You can never say for sure with these things...

In the treatment... This is the first half of a double feature. Michiru finally joins the generals in the theater, because Nephlite is too busy with his website. She tries hard to have fun.

Nega-Hell 12.2 -- The Return of Malachite and Zoycite (Part 1). This fic gives new meaning to the phrase "amazing story." A lot happens in about 3 K. It doesn't all make sense. In fact, it's pretty funny... from a certain perspective. Too bad that most of the Nega-Hell crew doesn't have that perspective...

In the treatment... It's the second half of the double feature. Beryl takes over Nephlite's life. Malachite makes a poorly-timed remark. After the fic ends, though, he realizes something is happening...

Nega-Hell 13.1 -- Continuations of the Shijintenchisho CHAOS, part 4. The fourth chapter of Continuations... what were you expecting? Nekomi's role increases. Tasuki gets to swear a lot. Eiken *finally* gets fried. A lot of alcohol is consumed. Yamiko disappears, and no-one misses her. No-one, that is, except Nephlite...

In the treatment... Zoisite's true identity is revealed. It isn't pretty. She can't keep herself from some rather disturbing thoughts...

Nega-Hell 14.1 -- Continuations of the Shijintenchisho CHAOS, part 5. Nekomi enters the book. She proceeds to fall for Nuriko, disturbing the all-too-fragile balance of the universe. Meanwhile, in Akira's story, she rescues Tasuki in two long, protracted, repetitive scenes. Yamiko vanishes, but no-one is too concerned by her absence.

In the treatment... Beryl decides it's time for Michiru to go home. After a ludicrous premonition scene, Michiru decides to face up to her destiny. She confronts Beryl, and a catfight erupts! So much damage is done to the throne room that not even the most evil insurance company will believe it.

Nega-Hell 15.1 -- Transformation Sequence, chapter 1. Ah... another one of my classic mediocre-to-bad fics. This one's an angsty revision of the first season, loosely based on the dub continuity. To put it simply... it sucks! The reader is subjected to a lot of swearing, a lot of whining, and a lot of badly written fight scenes. It's like Continuations, but without the good parts.

In the treatment... Michiru bids farewell to Nega-Hell, in a sequence not entirely unlike Cowboy Bebop. Malachite serves up some English muffins. Jadeite learns not to complain. And to conclude this highly volatile scenario, Beryl takes revenge in a very Project A-ko way.

Nega-Hell 16.1 -- The Cry for Help, chapter 1. Crossover madness! Inspired by the recent upturn in Toonami programming, an author created a crossover of Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing. After hearing that combination, there really isn't much more I have to say. So just sit back and enjoy the fic. It's really quite amusing, and surprisingly coherent.

In the treatment... With Michiru gone, Beryl is free to continue her experiments. However, she need not work so hard, because Malachite's off in his private world. Nephlite's busy becoming a stereotype of himself, and Jadeite... well, Jadeite's being Jadeite. In any event, Beryl wishes the generals luck. They'll need it.

Nega-Hell 16.2 -- The Cry for Help, chapter 2. The Gundam pilots receive a lecture from Goku. Much in the same way that they arrived, Relena shows up--falling right on top of Duo. Yet the pilots persevere, and receive their mission orders. The battle is put off until a later chapter, and in the meantime we get to see Quatre play the part of a real estate agent! Heero, as is his shtick, tries to kill Relena, but he gets hungry and gives up. Basically, nothing is accomplished, but it's still funny and coherent.

In the treatment... Inspired by a favorite Japanese website, the generals hold a swimsuit contest! The results are both amusing and terrifying. Fortunately, they enter the theater unscathed. Once they're in it, the madness starts to seep in...

Nega-Hell 17.1 -- Transformation Sequence, chapter 2. What would Nega-Hell be without more of Transformation Sequence? Well... to be honest, the fic is kinda mediocre. In this chapter, Serena swears a lot, kicks around her friends, perfects her Sohryu Asuka Langley impression, and generally does nothing. The other characters have parts, but you won't notice them much.

In the treatment... Zoisite decides she just doesn't care. Nothing comes of this. However, she uses it to annoy the others.

Nega-Hell 18.1 -- The Cry for Help, chapter 3. Nothing happens. It's short.

In the treatment... Nephlite rants about fansubs. The others listen, but don't seem to care.

Nega-Hell 18.2 -- The Cry for Help, chapter 4. It's a fight scene. Relena gets kidnapped. Darn!

In the treatment... The generals make up for wasted time by dashing their MSTing off. It's a little short, but still somewhat amusing. The *fixed* revised version includes new lines and a second host segment.

Nega-Hell 19.1 -- Transformation Sequence, chapter 3. Do you enjoy *pain*? If so, you'll love this chapter. Amy shows up, and becomes completely unlikable. Oh, and there's a lot of scenery, pointless scenes, and stock footage. It's just like the Sailor Moon anime, only *more* painful.

In the treatment... For once, it's Zoisite who becomes angry. She discusses the ways in which Cardcaptors differs from Cardcaptor Sakura. Nephlite, for once, becomes the go-between. Something's terribly wrong with him... And due to the sheer painfulness of the story, the generals take vows at the end.

Nega-Hell 20.1 -- Evangelion Wing (beta episode). Witness Heero Ikari take the place of you-know-who. Witness him become maniacal and all-knowing at the same time! Witness the amazing "blue hair" sketch! Just witness it already!

In the treatment... first, Jadeite's computer becomes posessed. He can't get the demon to go away. Then the generals grumble about a lack of e-mail. Finally, Beryl devises a plan to duplicate herself. More amusing things will happen next time...

Nega-Hell 21.1 -- The Cry for Help, chapter 5 and 6. Wow, the end of this story. There's an extended bloody fight scene. There's the stock-footage-heavy fusion scene. There's the scene outside a mountain. After that, I can't remember much. You'll have to see this one yourself.

In the treatment... we find out something about Jadeite's evil computer. Beryl's evil plan reaches its fruition. She shows the generals a small clone of herself: Mini-Queen. The generals are neither impressed or amused. Nothing comes of her introduction.


Nega-Hell 22.1 -- Transformation Sequence, chapter 4. It took a while. It's still painful. As stated elsewhere, Raye undergoes some annoying and silly characterization changes here. But that's certainly not the *worst* thing in the story...

In the treatment... the generals experiment with an unusual trend in fashion. They run out of coffee. (Another host segment may be added later.)

*What's Next*

In Nega-Hell 23... I dunno. There's always Transformation Sequence 5, which has even sillier characterizations and symbolism, but...

Well, when I decide, you'll hear all about it.

As I have it planned now, there will be 26 episodes of Nega-Hell. After that, there *may* be a second season. It'll be several months before I know what the future holds. Until then, I'll keep this up to the best of my ability.

Sorry to keep you waiting! It won't be much longer...


What is Nega-Hell?

If you already know this, you can go directly to the list here.

By the end of the first season of Sailor Moon, all four generals and Beryl had died. This series asks, "What if they didn't just die... and they had to pay for their deeds?"

Oh... this series is really rather silly. Don't bother looking for anything serious.

Last updated September 22, 2000. Finally!


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